ITT Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier Tubes

ATN Night Vision Units with the 3P designation use ITT Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier Tubes. The industry leading ITT Pinnacle™ Image Tubes utilize a gated power supply providing truly outstanding performance in high-light or light-polluted areas, such as urban environments. The Pinnacle™ Tube with gated power supply minimizes any "halo" effects. "Halo" is often associated with using Night Vision Devices in an urban area where random street lights are often an issue with early Generation Night Vision Devices. Night Vision Units with Pinnacle™ Tubes have a typical resolution of 64-72lp/mm and a typical Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 24. All Night Vision Devices utilizing Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier Tubes come with ITT data record sheet. Units with Pinnacle™ Tubes are not available for export. A signed export compliance and end use statement is required prior to shipping of these units.

*Pinnacle is a registered trademark of ITT Night Vision ITT Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier Tubes

Gen 3P