FLIR System's Inc. Products

FLIR System's Inc. Thermal Imagers are powerful tools in the fight against crime. They allow officers to see suspects in total darkness, through smoke and light foliage. A FLIR hand-held allows you to see the suspect, without revealing your location. If your agency already has an airborne unit using a FLIR System's Inc Camera, you will understand the power of this technology. C-Series - Thermal Imaging for Consumer Outdoorsmen and Hunter
The new Scout line of thermal night vision scopes for hikers, campers, and outdoorsmen of all kinds.
H-Series - Thermal Imaging For Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
The H-Series are portable shock-resistant thermal imaging cameras. They produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. Thanks to the H-Series, security professionals and law enforcement officers can see suspects in total darkness, through smoke, and light foliage.
G-Series - Thermal Imaging for Government, Military and Defense
FLIR is uniquely capable of providing high performance, light-weight, low power solutions for individual soldier requirements. Core technologies such as low power cryo-coolers, optics, lasers, and detectors are all in-house, and allow FLIR to integrate them into systems that are lighter, run longer, and see farther.
Low-cost, lightweight Thermal Imager purpose-built for the Law Enforcement user.
Vehicle Based
Compact Thermal Imagers that allow officers to see clearly in total darkness.
Command Vehicles
Compact, multi-sensor Thermal and visible-light Imaging Systems with an integrated pan/tilt mechanism.
Passenger Vehicles
PathFindIR is a powerful Thermal Camera that lets drivers see clearly in total darkness.
Trucks / Rail
PathFindIR makes driving a truck at night safer than ever before.
Heavy Equipment
PathFindIR sees clearly through dark and dust, preventing accidents and saving money.