FLIR Patrol IR Pro, 35 degree HFOV, NTSC, White

Thermal Imaging System

Thermal Imaging System - FLIR Patrol IR Pro, 35 degree HFOV, NTSC, White

  • Compact pan and tilt thermal imager
  • Requires no illumination
  • High sensitivity detector
  • Superior range detection and image quality
  • Easily scan a 360 area

The FLIR Patrol IR Pro, 35 degree HFOV, NTSC, White features a high-sensitivity long wave Thermal Imaging System and long range daylight/low-light camera integrated into a compact, sealed "pan and tilt" enclosure. At about ten inches long, it's the smallest Multi-Sensor in the market. It can be configured for network or portable use, or it can be taken to the field in a portable configuration with an integrated "pan-and-tilt" controller with an LCD screen. Compared to competitive products, the FLIR Patrol IR Pro, 35 degree HFOV, NTSC, White is less than half the size of other Dual Imagers. • The Thermovision Imaging advantage Thermal Imaging Systems provide a level of the threat detection that can't be matched by any other sensor. The suspects can't camouflage their body heat. The FLIR Patrol IR Pro's technology is the sensor of choice by the U.S. Air Force TASS program (Tactical Automated Security System) and dozens of defense agencies world wide. • Flexible integration and communication The system is designed for integration into existing security networks or as a "stand alone" surveillance package. Operators can control the cameras and "pan-and-tilt" with a stand alone control unit or over the network. Options for video over Ethernet or standard analog video outputs are available. • Daylight, low-light and Thermal Imagery The FLIR Patrol IR Pro delivers crisp Thermal Imagery and Long-Range daylight and low-light imagery, all in a compact package. Operators can switch quickly between sensors. The daylight camera offers an 18x optical zoom. The Thermal Imager can be configured with narrow or wide angle lenses as needed to meet most applications. • Backed by the FLIR name The FLIR is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced Infrared Imaging Systems for Military, Government and Law Enforcement applications. With a global network of service and training centers FLIR ensures the experience, resources, and customer commitment security professionals’ demand. Applications include: • Deployable Security • Border Security • High Value Site Protection • Industrial Security • Perimeter Security • Force Protection • Forward Area Line of Defense • Fire Base Protection

Export Available - Licensing may be required

Thermal Camera
Sensor Type 320x240 VOx uncooled microbolometer
Spectral Range 7.5 - 13.5μm
Fields-of-View 20° x 15°
Focus Automatic
Electronic Zoom Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE);
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Visible-light Camera
Imager Sony FCB EX-980S
Field-of-View Range 46° (h) to 1.6° (h) @ f3.8
Mechanical (PTZ Only)
Field-of-Regard +/- 200° Pan; +/- 60° Tilt
Pan/Tilt Slew Rate 160°/sec max Pan; 80°/sec max Tilt
Position Accuracy 1 mrad
System Features
Remote Control RS-232 or -422;
selected Pelco D commands
Automatic Heater? Yes
Programmable Search Pelco D pan/tilt/zoom controls
Pelco D Compliance Selected commands
Image Presentation
Video Format NTSC or PAL composite video
Connectors Mil-C-32
Requirement 24 VDC
Consumption <50 W nominal @ 77°F
Operating Temp. -26°F to +131°F
-32°C to +55°C
Storage Temp. -40°F to +185°F
-40°C to +85°C
Automatic Window Defrost? Yes
MIL-Std 810E Rain, Sand/Dust, Shock, Vibration
Encapsulation IP66
Weight <11lb (4.9 kg)
Size 12 x 9 in
305 x 229 mm
Mounting 1/4-20, 4-hole pattern
TCP/IP Optional
RS-232 Optional; command and control
RS-422 Command and control
Standard Equipment PTZ-35 MS or PTZ-50 MS, Hot Shoe with 12 m cable, break-out cable to standard connector, lab power supply, user interface, Operator Manual


  • Warranty card Warranty card
  • PC Cable PC Cable
  • Video Cable Video Cable
  • Instruction Manual Instruction Manual


  • Cable - QC/QD triple coax 100ft, shoe-mil for Patrol IR Cable - QC/QD triple coax 100ft, shoe-mil for Patrol IR
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  • Joystick / Display  with adapter cable for Patrol IR Joystick / Display with adapter cable for Patrol IR
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  • Specification Sheet 345.9 KB (17.12.2013 update) Download