ATN Digital Night Vision Monoculars

The world has changed much in the two decades since ATN’s first entry into the Night Vision arena. Just like with the advent of the Internet and the Smart Phone, so has the world of night vision gone through its own transformation. Advances in new sensors and microdisplays have opened up a world of possibilities that were simply not available before.
Over the past several years ATN has led in the development of new digital Thermal Systems primarily designed for our Military and Law Enforcement clients. Leveraging on these advances we have launched our first “Ultra Bright” digital line of night vision products.
Previously, digital was characterized by mostly bulky systems with poor quality displays featuring very dim images. However, with advances made in our new “Full Color” OLED and FLCOS displays ATN has managed to develop products that have routinely outperformed other night vision systems in image brightness and effective recognition/identification ranges.
Coupled together with our new generation of both CCD and CMOS sensors ATN is proud to present its new “Ultra Bright” Digital Night Vision Systems.