ATN Digital Night Vision Monoculars

Digital Night Vision has always been a popular form of Night Vision due to its price, lightness, and high quality. Old digital optics systems were plagued by a variety of technical problems, which led to them having a negative reputation due to bulkiness and dim images among other things. ATN’s Digital Night Vision Monoculars (DNVM) use new advances in low light digital sensor technology to provide you the best Digital night vision monocular available.

New times bring new inventions, something easily seen in ATN’s Digital NV devices. Featuring ATN’s Ultra Bright technology and adjustable gain and brightness control along with a powerful built in infra-red illuminator, you can expect to see a clear and bright image regardless of where you look. Along with exceptional depth of field at longer distances, ATN’s digital night vision is guaranteed to be the night vision solution for home security, as well as for hunters, campers, and boaters.

ATN’s DNVMs have already made quite an impact on the US market, with widespread appeal and overwhelmingly positive reviews from various demographics. Hunters praise its infrared illuminator and high quality depth perception when hunting in the woods, campers love the high quality sensor and its long distance viewing abilities, while the home security experts appreciate the versatility and the comfortable and ergonomic size and shape. Reaching distances of 400+ feet ATN has some of the highest distance digital binoculars available on the market, for a price well under its rivals’.

ATN’s “Ultra Bright” digital line of Digital NV monoculars has been applauded by customers for its long range depth perception as well as its brightness. It lets hunters see their prey at distances previously unheard of for such a price. A quality tactical home security monocular doesn’t have to be a highway robbery, and the ATN DNVM series is proof that low price doesn’t mean low quality. Starting at just over $200, these are some of the most affordable DNVMs on the market.