Day Optics

The ATN Professional Daytime Riflescopes, Red Dot Sights and Omega Binoculars are the only Scopes in the world with the Everlight and Proshield Lens Coatings. ATN developed and formulated these two exclusive lens coatings specifically for the Professional series. The revolutionary Everlight coating is designed to enhance the resolution and contrast of your image in extremely bright conditions. When there is too much light you will normally notice a degraded optical image, which is prevented by ATN's Everlight coating. Some of the leading scope manufacturers have been installing less reliable mechanical aperture shutters to compensate for this problem. ATN is proud to introduce its professional brand of Daytime Binoculars the Omega line. Years of manufacturing German-quality glass for our Night Vision Equipment has allowed us to produce a Binocular line with exceptional quality at a reasonable price. The Omega Binoculars are technologically advanced with special coated optics, nitrogen filled, durable rubber armor and either a Rangefinder or compass built-in. These Binoculars are tough, provide a crystal clear image and are of the highest quality. Each model is tough enough to withstand the harshest of conditions and is designed to perform under the most stressful of situations. This is guaranteed by a lifetime manufacturers defect warranty on all models in the Omega line. ATN Flashlights are compact and powerful Tactical Flashlights, suitable for carrying during patrol duties or for the outdoor enthusiast.