ATN Ranger Eye 800

Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder - ATN Ranger Eye 800

  • Advanced laser range finding system
  • Hihg measuring accuracy
  • Automatic power cut when not in use
  • 6x Magnification
  • Effective range: 15-800m/yds
  • 3 volt battery
  • Limited two-year warranty
Item # LSLRRE08

The ATN Ranger Eye 800 is an advanced Laser Range Finding System that rapidly provides an accurately measured distance out to 800 yards. The ATN Ranger Eye 800 is an advanced, compact, yet simple to operate Optical Device that combines a 6X Monocular with a laser distance-measuring instrument – a Laser Range Finder. It is intended to observe and measure distance of a specific (non transparent) object. The ATN Ranger Eye 800 is equipped with an eye-safe laser. The ATN Ranger Eye 800 features four different modes of operation as well as an automatic shut-off switch. Optically, the ATN Ranger Eye 800 Scope is a 6X25 Monocular with a built-in LCD in the field of view. When activated, the LCD will display a viewfinder for aiming and other relevant data for adjustments and readout output data. The ATN Ranger Eye 800 can take measurements up and beyond 800 yards, most users will find it most useful and accurate for readings within 600 yards. The ATN Ranger Eye 800 can be used for a wide range of sport activities such as hunting, golf, archery, target shooting as well as for industrial, topography, safety and tactical applications.

Export Available - Licensing may be required

Effective range 15-800 yards
Tolerance +/-1yard
Indicating time 15 s
Magnification 6x
Objective dia. 24 mm
Field of View 7 deg.
Power supply DC3
Dimension 130 x 50 x 80 mm
5.1" x 2.0" x 3.1"
Weight 0.2 kg (0.45 lbs)


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