ATN Aries MK6500

Night Vision Riflescope

Night Vision Riflescope - ATN Aries MK6500

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The ATN Aries MK6500 Smart Technology enhanced 2nd Gen. Riflescope boasts all the same features of the ATN Aries MK258 Rifle Scopes as well as a few more to boot. The ATN Aries MK6500 is certainly one of the best in commercial Night Vision Scopes . There is nothing on the market either in the U.S. or anywhere in the world that can even come near the impressive features or the characteristics of this Weapon Sight. A serious Scope for the choosiest buyer, the ATN Aries MK6500 will impress anyone who picks it up. Besides all the features that are standard on a Smart Scope, the ATN Aries MK6500 comes with a remote control that allows the user to utilize the Scopes features without even touching the ATN Aries MK6500. The 2nd Gen. Intensifier Tube provides fantastic clarity and resolution through the newly enhanced optics and electronics.

Export Available - Licensing may be required

Total darkness tech Standard
Magnification 4x
Intensifier tube 2nd Gen American
Detection range 250 m
Recognition range 175 m
Lens system 6 element, F1.2, 90mm
FOV 14 deg.
Diopter adjustment +/- 5
Resolution 40 lp/mm
Power supply One 3 volt lithium
Range of focus 6' to infinity
Reticle Chevron or range finder
Controls Direct
Battery life 10-20 hours
Dimensions 200x 85x 100 mm
Weigh 1.0 kg.
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