ATN 4-12x80 CGT DNS

Day/Night Riflescope

Day/Night Riflescope - ATN 4-12x80 CGT DNS

  • Hight resolution Intensifier Tube
  • Illuminated Reticle with 11 position rheostat
  • 1000-Yard Bullet Drop Compensator with interchangeable cams
  • 8 Interchangeable Cams, included: .50Bmg, .308, 30-. 06, .270, 7mm Mag, .300 win Mag. 22-250, .243
  • 40mm tube for amazing light transmission
  • 40mm Rings Included
  • 1000 Yard Range Finder
  • Windage and Elevation Adjustment: 1/8 MOA at 100 Yards
  • Proshield and Everlight Lens coatings
  • Sun shade
  • Detachable 450 mW Infra red Illuminator with dedi cated windage and eleva tion adjustment
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The ATN 4-12X80 CGT DNS starts as a sensational day time scope. 80mm (!) objective and 40mm (!) tube combined with the best, German-quality multicoated glass on the market makes this sight the best light-gathering device for shooting in the world. An array of features that will dazzle any marksmen include parallax-free construction; 4 to 12 variable power zoom, 1000-yard bullet drop compensator with interchangeable cams for six calibers, 500 yard range finder and a super sharp, illuminated reticle with 12 light settings. Additional features include 1/8 MOA adjustment at 100 yards, 100% weather resistance and matte black mil-spec finish with beryllium powder coating. To convert the ATN 4-12X80 CGT DNS from a Daytime Sniper Scope to a Night Vision Weapon Sight is fast and requires no tools. Simply twist the daytime riflescope eyepiece and replace it with a night vision eyepiece, converting your Scope into a high-quality, very accurate Night Vision Weapon Sight. This ingenious setup allows the shooter in the field to go from day to night in less then 30 seconds without tools, without changes in eye relief and remain zeroed all around the clock. Furthermore the U.S. government just granted ATN with a patent for the feature that prevents tube burn by the illuminated reticle (Patent #US6208461B1). The ATN 4-12X80 CGT DNS easily mounts onto any U.S. standard 7/8" weaver or Picatinny Rail. The Night Vision eyepiece can utilize a wide array of Image Intensifier Tubes to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

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Magnification 4-12x
Objective diameter 80 mm
Mounting 40 mm
Bullet drop calibers 50 BMG, .308, 30-.06, .270, 7 mm Mag, .300 Win Mag., 22- 250, .223, .243
Field of Viev 6° - 2°
Eye Relief 85 mm
Rangefinding 1000 m/yard
Illuminated reticle Yes
Power source 3 volt (CR2032)
Battery life 100 hours
Sun shade Yes
Adjustment windage and elevation 1/8 MOA at 100 m/yards
Weight 1.8 kg / 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 400 x 97 x 88 mm / 15” x 4” x 4”
Total Darkness Technology Standard
Intensifier Tube Gen. CGT
Field of View 6° - 2°
Diopter Adjustment ±5
Range of Focus 20 m/yard to infinity
Reticle Green on green rangefinder
Controls Direct
Power Supply 3 volt (CR123A)
Battery Life 60 hours
Dimensions 442 x 125 x 88 mm / 17” x 5” x 4”
Weight 1.9 kg / 4.3 lbs
Operating Temperatures -40°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -50°C to +70°C


  • Instruction Manual Instruction Manual
  • Lens Tissue Lens Tissue
  • One Lithium Battery One Lithium Battery
  • Warranty card Warranty card
  • IR450-B4 IR450-B4
  • Lens Cap Lens Cap
  • One CR2032 Battery One CR2032 Battery
  • Interchangeable Cams Interchangeable Cams
  • Adjustable Mounting Rings Adjustable Mounting Rings
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  • User guide 660.5 KB (17.12.2013 update) Download
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